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The Interior Health Healthy Communities Initiative aims to improve health and wellness by working collaboratively with local governments and community partners to create policies and environments that support good health. Although health care and the health care system are the job of the provincial government, we know that it takes a collaborative effort to address the factors that keep us well; and health cannot be achieved by one sector working alone.

As set out by the BC Ministry of Health’s ‘Healthy Families BC – Communities’ program, The Interior Health Healthy Communities Initiative will focus on the five pillars of the HFBC framework.

Local governments are able to improve public health through community design, land-use planning, and the development of health-focused policies, by-laws, and community plans. The Healthy Communities Initiative will inform, strengthen, and support their efforts by:

  1. Building relationships with local government and community partners
    • Learn about healthy community action already underway
    • Presentations to council
    • One-on-one and small group meetings
    • Partnership agreements
  2. Determining how to work together with local government and community partners
    • Engage and facilitate community conversations
    • Support collection of baseline information
    • Collaboratively support processes to identify existing or new opportunities
    • Facilitate priority setting for a healthy communities action plan
  3. Connecting & Supporting Action
    • Connect with IH staff with expertise in areas: food security, healthy built environment, tobacco reduction, GIS analysis (health data), and public health
    • Facilitate communication between multiple levels of government
    • Advocate for environments supportive of health by: Identifying and connecting key stakeholders; Building on relationships and opportunities; Using media and communication channels.
    • Present policy alternatives
    • Support evaluation development
  4. Recognizing and celebrating health promoting practices within our health region

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