Resources for Rural & Small Communities

A collection of resources related to PlanH action areas, with a rural and small community lens
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Resources for Rural & Small Communities

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Healthy PeopleHealthy People

Learn more about ways to support Active Living in small and remote communities, approaches to address Healthy Eating and Food Security, as well as rural-specific methods to support Low-Risk Alcohol Use and community-wide Tobacco Reduction.

Healthy SocietyHealthy Society

Explore pathways to Inclusive Rural Communities, including ways of making your community Age-Friendly, Socially Connecting, and Welcoming. Healthy rural societies also include Public Involvement and Citizen Engagement, as well as approaches for Community Capacity Building and creating a Vibrant Economy.

Healthy EnvironmentHealthy Environment

Hear about other small communities’ approaches to Healthy Built Environments including Active Transportation, Healthy Neighbourhood Design, and Healthy Housing. Learn more about rural-specific methods for supporting Natural Environments, Clean Air & Water, and Greenspace.

Not sure where to start? Check out some of our most frequently accessed resources:

Building ResillenceBuilding Rural Resilience Toolkit

A research-backed toolkit for health and community leaders looking to build resilience in rural communities.

Vibrant rural communitiesFrom Need to Opportunity

A rural-focused social enterprise guide that systematically takes communities through the steps to establish a thriving social enterprise.