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Offers a range of papers and resources about transportation, with a strong focus on sustainable and healthy transportation modes.

When Valemount residents go for a stroll, they’re not just stretching their legs. They intend to walk all around the world. The Village of Valemount Healthier Communities Committee is championing the “Valemount Walks Around the World” initiative to foster an on-the-ground approach to improve health and well-being in the community.

Over 500 people in the Clayoquot Sound took the Vital Signs survey thanks to leadership from their community foundation. The result provides a data-driven picture of the region’s health and a tool for decision-making.

How can sport attract and include more of us to play, volunteer and cheer — and help us feel like we belong? How can sport and recreation help the 35% of Canadians who find it difficult to make new friends?

From healthier and more meaningful lives; safer, more resilient and more inclusive communities; flourishing culture and identity and greater community participation; a greater sense of belonging has an extraordinary capacity to transform our lives and our communities.

Volunteer BC is a provincial non-profit organization that promotes volunteerism and has over 30 volunteer centres throughout the province. Local government staff can encourage local residents to engage in volunteer opportunities within communities by contacting local volunteer centres.
– Vounteer BC

Step by step tools and resources to a healthier life.
­– BC Recreation and Parks Association

A toolkit to support the design of programs to get people walking.
– Healthy Families BC

Describes how to measure a community walking program's success and impact.
– BC Recreation and Parks Association

Provides informational support local government in taking local action on climate change issues and projects, with many complementary resources to help communities be healthy and sustainable. Offers many publication resources that can be downloaded for free.
­– The Partnership for Water Sustainablity in BC

A graphic facilitation from the Regional Outcomes Monitoring Collaborative.

There is so much power and brilliance that can emerge from the simple act of a conversation. Sharing ideas, uncovering different perspectives, and being curious – these are just a few treasures uncovered from a simple conversation. Community Health Networks (CHNs) bring people from diverse sectors to collaborate and generate action and alignment to impact health and well-being. Rather than focusing on healthcare services delivery, CHNs look at the social determinants of health. Health and well-being is a culmination of the social, economic, and environmental factors that influence how a person lives, works, and plays.