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A 2016 Fraser Basin Council report, Showcasing Successful Green Stormwater Infrastructure – Lessons from Implementation profiles successful implementation of green stormwater infrastructure in Metro Vancouver and Victoria across three urban land use types: streetscapes, residential communities, and institutional sites. Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) is an alternative approach that includes a network of decentralized infrastructure to capture, detain and infiltrate rainwater as close as possible to where it falls.

This report: Building Change - Towards Sustainable Communities in BC - provides an overview of the state of sustainable built environments in BC using the work by the Real Estate Foundation of BC (REFBC) as a research focus.

In 2015, the Real Estate Foundation of BC (REFBC) partnered with MODUS Planning, Design and Engagement to measure progress in BC towards a sustainable built environment, and to gauge what work still needs to be done.

Key questions explored in this report are:

This guide features smart growth practices backed up with case studies, technical standards and bylaws.
– Deborah Curran, West Coast Environmental Law

Online resource for tenants, landlords, and strata councils to promote smoke-free living.
– Smoke-Free Housing BC

The Kootenay Smoke Free Coalition supports communities in creating tobacco reduction bylaws through a streamlined process supported by the best research available.

This paper reports on a meta-case study analysis of a ten-year research program on citizenship, participation, and accountability that analyzed 100 research studies in 20 countries. 

A typology of four democratic and developmental outcomes was created.

– Institute of Development Studies

New! Updated for 2018.

How can local governments support social connectedness in communities?

Listen to the recording of our 2018 Social Connectedness webinar.


Describes how social connectedness relates to health, some measurements of social connectedness (e.g., volunteerism), and how communities can create better connectedness.
– Wilder Research