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­Provides tools for local governments to engage residents in assessing needs and priorities to make housing and surrounding facilities universally accessible.
– Spinal Cord Injury BC

This website provides an overview of the Ontario Healthy Communities approach to community capacity building and links to further resources.

– Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition 

This resource provides a variety of information from provincial, national and international sources on the topic of community development and community capacity building. 

– Health Promotion Clearinghouse

In this short article as part of UNBC's Northern Studies series, geography professor Greg Halseth talks about the importance of considering place and scale when engaging in community development and capacity-building processes.

Includes guides, toolkits, lists of programs, an interactive game, and other resources related to community economic development.
– Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education

This on-line toolkit from Ontario supports rural communities to develop their own healthy food plan. The Toolkit is an assessment and planning resource with three steps: i. Getting Started    ii. Visioning Exercises   iii. SWOT Analysis and Asset / Gap Mapping.  Tools and case studies are included.

- Nourish Ontario

A comprehensive guide for planning and developing your own community investment fund based on the experience of the Vancouver Island Community Investment Fund.  See also Unleashing Local Capital for a distinctly rural example.  

- Sarah Amyot

This guide from Scotland covers important considerations in small town community engagement and offers 15 pages of engagement tools from arts based to focus groups, open space, future search and street stalls.

- Community Places

A post on the Standford School of Medicine's Center for Compassion And Altruism Research And Education website by Dr, Emma Seppala describes how social connection improves physical health and mental and emotional well-being. An excerpt from the post and link to a detailed infographic follows:

Communities are experts in their own health challenges, says Hughes. In her role with Northern Health, she collaborates with community members across the Health Authority to enable access to  the information and resources they need to support their health and well-being.

“Northern B.C. was probably the last place I ever thought I would be,” says Holly Hughes, a healthy settings advisor with Northern Health. “Honestly, since I moved here, I've kind of fallen in love with it.”