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CMHC offers numerous resources about building and design, green building, affordable and accessible housing development.

- Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Social Enterprises and Co-ops (businesses owned by a non-profit) are tools for the provision of health services,  employment and training or other non-profit missions.   The guide walks you through each stage of the development path with many useful worksheets and resources.  

- SERA Community Ventures

A resource designed to help people in the public sector and in the community to understand how to link community experience to the policy-making process.

Provides ideas about how to understand the public policy process, build capacities to link community experience to public policy, and influence public policy.

– Health Canada: Population and Public Health Branch (Atlantic Region) 


The L.I.F.E. program serves as an effective mechanism to coordinate and collectively promote affordable and accessible recreation services in all thirteen local governments within the CRD.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Community Map is designed to support health and wellbeing in the capital region by allowing users to visualize where diverse populations are living and what their proximity is to community resources and affordable transportation options. 

Users can select the data that most interests them and then add transportation and community places on top.

The Yarrow Eco Village Society started in 2002 with 25 acres in the Fraser Valley and today Groundswell Co-Housing is almost sold out, the Community Farm is fully subscribed and they are in development stages for Elderberry Seniors Co-housing.  Read about their early development process or vist their website for current contacts. 

- Yarrow Eco Village 

Describes the Child and Youth Friendly Communities initiative. Contains three toolkits (Making Space for Children: Rethinking and Re-creating Children’s Play Environments; Aboriginal Child Friendly Communities Toolkit: Inclusion of the Early Years; Making Your Community More Child and Friendly Youth: Focusing on the Early Years).
– Society for Children and Youth of BC

This report explores New Zealand’s ‘Bright Spots’: – local places and community initiatives that are making a positive difference to children and families. Instead of asking about the issues and problems for ‘vulnerable children’ or ‘high-needs families’, we ask ‘what’s working?’ What are ‘bright spots’ doing that is different from the rest of the country? Why are they having an impact?


With 36 organizations involved in the Chilliwack Healthier Community (CHC) partnership, and the list continuing to grow, this enthusiastic team works to address the most urgent social issues identified by the community. 

Sangudo, Alberta is a town of 400 residents who revitalized their community through Community Owned Investment Fund.  These funds are driving revitalization in rural communities in Alberta and Nova Scotia, and have great potential for use in other places.  This article tells the story of Sangudo's transformation and provides many helpful links.

- Don McNair