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BCNPHA and registry offers a variety of programs and services to non-profit housing societies to support and strengthen the capacity of the sector, from group insurance and property management, to energy efficiency and capital planning.  

- BC Non-Profit Housing Association

Contains studies, supports to local governments, a benefits catalogue, and information about partners.
– BC Recreation and Parks Association

The BC Rural Network was formed in 2004 to enhance the capacity of rural British Columbia to develop responses to rural and remote community issues.  Their searchable resources pages include reports and tools on a wide range of topics from health to transportation and economic development.

- BC Rural Network

The BC Seniors' Guide includes information and resources on benefits, healthy living, health services, housing, transportation, personal security, finances, and other services. In addition, there is a listing directory at the end of the guide, and questions in each section to consider as older adults plan to remain as healthy and independent as possible as you grow older. We hope the BC Seniors’ Guide will help aging adults find what they are looking for. 

– Seniors BC

Helps individuals to stop smoking or using other tobacco products by assisting with the cost of smoking cessation aids.
– Ministry of Health

Provides the history of Youth Week in British Columbia, news articles about youth day events throughout British Columbia, and a list of events by community.
– Youth Week British Columbia

This guide has been created to help communities in British Columbia continue or initiate work on becoming age-friendly. It is primarily aimed at local governments but provides guidance to individuals, community and voluntary organizations, or anyone interested

Describes some of the specific challenges and pressures related to rural poverty within Canada, and includes potential strategies for reinvigorating rural economies with agriculture, forestry, and tourism. The report examines social policy regarding the income gap, rural housing, crime, immigration, and health care, and how to strengthen a healthy community approach.
– Final Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry

Communities across BC are motivated to promote cycling as a mode of transportation. 

The motivations for these changes are multifaceted. At the municipal level, they include the impossibility of managing traffic congestion via increased roadways, green city strategies aimed at reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases, and a recognition that the vitality of cities is better promoted by people who are not enclosed in vehicles, but walking, cycling, and interacting with each other.