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Karen Skadsheim, a City Councillor in Powell River celebrates a collaboration with the Powell River Cycling Association that led to new bike paths and increased safety for cyclists in Powell River.  This interview was recorded at the 2015 UBCM Convention.

Louise Richmond of Salmon Arm City Council explains an amazing new project to bring art to their local trail network.  The art can be enjoyed by city residents using the trails and will ultimately become a photo book to be shared more widely.  This video was filmed at the 2015 UBCM Convention.

In this interview recorded at the 2015 UBCM convention, Sharon Gaetz, Mayor of Chilliwack celebrates her social issues committee with 36 members of different community groups and their success in efforts to "cheer each other on rather than build silos in our communities."

Taylor Bachrach, Mayor of Smithers, speaks to the importance of measuring indicators of success that are meaningful to healthy communities, such as crime rates and air quality.  The Town of Smithers have been working in collaboration with Northern Health to measure these community indicators.  This interview was recorded at the 2015 UBCM Convention.

Kerry Jang of Vancouver City Council shares lessons learned from a collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada which has led to the City of Vancouver's Housing and Homelessness Strategy.  This video was recorded at the 2015 UBCM Convention.

In this video recorded at the 2015 UBCM Convention, Laurie Dolan of Fort Nelson reflects on an inspirational BCHC workshop she attended that sparked a process of asset mapping and building on successful projects.

Anna Purcell of Nelson City Council shares stories of an inspiring multigenerational food security initiative, as well as new efforts to create a food security council in Nelson.  This interview was recorded at the 2015 UBCM Convention.

In this interview recorded at the at the 2015 UBCM Convention, local leaders including Josie Osborne (Mayor of Tofino), Jeremy Loveday (Victoria City Council),  Leslie Groulx (CAO of Clearwater), Michelle Staples (Duncan City Council), Barbara Dejardins (Mayor of Esquimalt), Colin Basran (Mayor of Kelowna) and many others weigh in on the ways in which local government is uniquely well positioned to collaborate on building healthy communities.  

In this interview recorded at the 2015 UBCM Convention, Chief Administrative Officer Leslie Groulx from the District of Clearwater speaks about the community's recent road cross-section bylaw that encourages a focus on "not just moving cars back and forth, but moving people:  scooters, walkers, bikers, parents pushing strollers."  Partners in the project included the Interior Health Authority

In this interview recorded at the 2013 UBCM Convention, the current Mayor of the City of Victoria, Lisa Helps, speaks about the ways in which citizen engagement and local collaboration contribute to community planning, and support health and well-being in the City of Victoria. Helps was a City Councillor at the time of the recording.