This report by BC Children’s Hospital and the BC Centre for Disease Control explains how we can build neighborhood spaces that promote mental health and well-being while mitigating unintentional negative impacts.

Explores issues related to mental health, housing, and homelessness.

This report shares results from 11 communities in rural Minnesota that undertook assessment and planning to strengthen their information and communications technology. For local governments, business associations and planners.    

- Intelligent Community Forum   

This guide has been prepared by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with BC Healthy Communities, to serve as a guide for local governments/First Nations in the planning of a municipal alcohol policy (MAP). A MAP helps local governments/First Nations manage alcohol facilities they own and manage, and reduces liability for alcohol-related problems. This guide explains what a MAP is, how it can benefit your local government/First Nation and how to create one, from start to finish. 

Provides examples of policies and programs that communities in Canada have undertaken to discourage racism and encourage diversity through employment practices, employee training, service provision, and business practices.
– Creative City

A preliminary analysis of how Canadian cities and regional districts are involved in food system changes

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Provides information on the how the living wage is calculated and the types of steps and actions to be taken for adopting municipal policies or bylaws in support of a living wage. It also provides information on the steps and actions taken by the City of New Westminster.
– A Living Wage for Families

This article describes the work of Selkirk Community College (or potentially any local college) in delivering a housing needs assessment for affordable housing organizations in the Columbia Kootenay region of B.C.  

- George Penfold

Includes policies and design guidelines for active transportation in winter conditions.

This toolkit will walk your organization through the basics of creating and implementing a communications strategy. Straightforward worksheets walk you through the steps.  

- SERA Community Ventures

The newly released results of an intensive study by the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology suggest that rates of obesity (as well as obesity-linked chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke) are dramatically rising in Canada.

Provides government best practices for acquiring parkland; aims to support a consistent approach in BC.
– Province of BC

An overview of what scientific findings about relationships between nature and human health.
– Ming Kuo with the National Recreation and Parks Association

Download the PlanH 2020 Grant Application Guide here:

Developed by the American Planning Association, this guide explores the notion of "equity in all policies" and how to apply this principle in planning, while acknowledging and reflecting on planning's past and present role in creating and perpetuating discriminatory practices within communities.