Supporting Equity in Planning and Policy Action Guide

Interested in learning more about local government's role in making communities more equitable? Join us Feb 2 for our webinar in partnership with SFU's Community Economic Development program: Healthy Communities, Equity and Economic Recovery (registration at link).

This guide is for local governments across the province working to implement and champion equity across social, economic, environmental and cultural domains. 

Equity is the fair distribution of opportunities, power and resources to meet the needs to all people, regardless of age, ability, gender, income, education level, culture or background. This means providing support based on an individual’s level of need, instead of providing everyone the same amount of support. Governments traditionally focus on providing equal services to all residents. In contrast, an equity lens considers how services and resources can be distributed to those that need them the most. This resource combines best practices, language and ideas surrounding equity in planning and policy development.

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