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Oliver Elementary runs a Farm to School program that not only sustains itself, but also turns a small profit. Marji Basso, the school’s lead liaison for the program says that over the last six years, running the Farm to School Program has provided the school with delightful surprises as well as many twists and turns. 

“We’ve hit dead ends and we’ve hit on wonderful eureka moments. It’s been a great journey.” Read the whole Farm to School BC 'Story from the Field' here.

The Following Story has been reprinted with permission from the BC Food Security Gateway website:

The Edible Garden Project mentors community members to grow food and balances donating and selling their produce affordably to local community agencies.

Chilliwack Council has adopted the Outdoor Public Spaces Smoking Regulation. The bylaw went into effect on October 1, 2015. The purpose of the bylaw is to regulate smoking on or within outdoor City owned public spaces, including parks and trails, within the city of Chilliwack and serves to top up current provincial smoking enactments. The bylaw also regulates smoking on privately held properties that are used for recreational purposes. Read more about the benefits and how it was developed here.

This article in The Lancet by Alessandro R Demaio  and Johan Rockström links human and planetary health. The piece outlines how healthier diets can have a co-benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read the full text here.

The B.C. Physical Activity Strategy  is designed to guide and stimulate co-ordinated policies, practices and programs in physical activity that will improve the health and well-being of British Columbians and the communities in which they live, learn, work and play. It aims to foster active people and active places.

On October 16th, in celebration of World Food Day, the City of Vancouver joined over 40 cities across the globe in signing an Urban Food Policy Pact to address food security and sustainable development. 

With over 2000 people attending the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference there are plenty of community stories to share. BC Healthy Communities Society on behalf of the PlanH Program hosted a tradeshow booth at the convention where we photographed delegates sharing inspiring words that described their communities.

This uplifting video on the Farm to School Vancouver Area Regional Hub describes what makes the Farm to School program so important and how food links to so many aspects of our lives.

Farm to School programs bring healthy, local food into schools and provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that foster food literacy, all while strengthening the local food system and enhancing school and community connectedness.

By Meghan Pritchard, BHK, MPH, Community Health Specialist, Surrey and Burnaby

On October 9 the Burnaby Healthier Community Partnership hosted a workshop about finding the links between mental health, physical activity and physical literacy. This workshop was delivered in partnership with the BC Healthy Communities Society on behalf of the PlanH Program. 

On October 6th PlanH collaborated with members of the Healthy Built Environment Alliance on an introductory webinar describing the foundations for linking health and the built environment. This webinar was an invited session for a cohort of public health professionals in BC Health Authorities, who are embarking on a training program over the next several months.  We are excited to now share the resources from this webinar with others who are interested in foundational information about the 'what and why' of linking health and the built environment, what it means to have a healthy built envi