2020 PlanH Grant Streams Now Open!

A group of people sit outside around a table with pens, paper and sticky notes.

Increased support is coming for local governments in B.C. who are striving to create healthier, more equitable and inclusive communities. The PlanH Healthy Communities Grant Program, administered by BC Healthy Communities, is offering 20 grants for the 2020–2021 year across two funding streams: Social Connectedness and Healthy Community Engagement.

The Social Connectedness funding stream offers 15 grants of $5,000 each, as well as support from BC Healthy Communities staff, for projects that foster relationship-building among community members and create long-lasting social networks. 

The Healthy Community Engagement stream offers five grants of $15,000 each, as well as support from BC Healthy Communities staff, for in-depth, equitable community engagement initiatives that prioritize meaningful input from all community members. 

Both grants are available to local governments including municipalities, regional districts, electoral districts, First Nations Band and Self-Governing First Nations, First Nations tribal councils, and Métis chartered communities. Applicants are strongly encouraged to incorporate multi-sectoral partnerships in their application, including collaboration with regional health authorities and community organizations. Applications are open until April 6, 2020. 

Supports received from BC Healthy Communities staff as part of the grant package may include research, evaluation, planning, engagement and communications services. 

The grants are funded through the PlanH Healthy Communities Grant Program. PlanH is a partnership between BC Healthy Communities Society and the BC Ministry of Health and is informed by health authorities and other stakeholders. PlanH creates healthier communities by supporting partnerships across sectors, providing learning opportunities, resources, and consultation, and facilitating collaborative local action.

To learn more about the grants and the PlanH program, please visit the Funding page or email grants@planh.ca.