Jargon Buster

A feeling that members belong and matter to one another and to the group; they share a belief that their needs wil be met through their commitment to be together. More information via George Peabody College.

The degree to which everyone feels like they belong; socially connected communities use spaces and events to help people get to know their neighbours and feel motivated to get involved, and build relationships. More information via PlanH's Social Connectedness Action Guide (pdf).

How communities decide what their priorities are. Social planning should include all viewpoints and voices in a community, using those ideas to come to an equitable compromise. More information via Interior Health.

How much someone feels like they belong and are included and connected in society. More information via the University of Wollongong.

The ability to maintain something over the long term. A sustainable community is one that can afford to keep up the costs of running the community over the long term, can ensure that the environment is protected for future generations, and can make people feel like they are included in the community's social life. The best way to create a sustainable community is to develop plans and solutions that deal with all three of those parts—economic, environmental, and social—together. More information via the Institute for Sustainable Communities.