Jargon Buster

Making sure that every community member has access to the resources and supports they need to be healthy. More information via the National Collaborating Centre for the Determinants of Health (pdf).

Looking at a policy or program to consider how it could impact the health of community members. More information via the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy.

Using a 'health lens' means providing evidence that allows people to consider the positive and negative consequences of their decisions during the decision-making process. A health lens can be applied to any issue or sector and to programs, projects or policies. This approach is at the heart of Health in All Policies. Ideally, one day a health lens will be used by all governments to help ensure that key decisions which impact health. 

A change in the health of an individual or community as a result of a policy or program.

Promoting policies, programs and other interventions to improve community health. More information via the World Health Organization.

Places that are designed to support good health for all. Examples of a healthy built environment include planning housing within walking distance of transit or creating public spaces where people can be active near their workplace. More information: https://planh.ca/take-action/healthy-environments/page/healthy-built-env.... More information via the BC Centre for Disease Control.

An approach that uses the World Health Organization's key strategies for improving health to enhance community health and well-being. There are five key strategies:

  • Community engagement;
  • Multi-sectoral collaboration;
  • Political commitment;
  • Healthy public policy; and
  • Asset-based community development

More information via BC Healthy Communities Society.

Housing that is safe, affordable, and good quality, supporting health and well-being. More information via the BC Centre for Disease Control (pdf).

Policies that improve health and make healthy choices easier for community members. Healthy public policy is a pillar of the Healthy Communities Approach. More information via the World Health Organization.

A way of looking at future housing needs in a community based on current supply and demand and using these to estimate future needs. More Information via BC Healthy Communities.