Community Health Data


Find information about your community with the following health data resources.

BC Community Health Profiles

In support of Healthy Families BC, PHSA Population and Public Health developed the BC Community Health Profiles in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Union of BC Municipalities, all regional health authorities, and BC Healthy Communities Society’s PlanH program. The profiles provide local data for use by health authorities and local governments to support collaborative community health planning. 

The BC Community Health Profiles provide an introduction to community health data and present data at the lowest geographic level available (census sub-division or local health area level, whenever possible). Profiles have been generated for 130 incorporated municipalities in B.C. (all communities that had sufficient data available) and are not meant to replace the comprehensive local health area profiles that are developed by regional health authorities.

BC Community Health Atlas

The BC Community Health Atlas is a web-based interactive mapping tool that displays indicators of population health by geographic area and can help inform decision-making and planning for community health at the local level.

The Atlas is a free, user-friendly platform for visualizing and comparing data related to health status, demographics, and determinants of health. From over 200 available options on the Atlas, you can select an indicator of interest and compare your region to others in the province, mapping either by local health area or school district. Available indicators include: health status (e.g., life expectancy), health behaviours (e.g., tobacco use, physical activity levels), demographics (e.g., income, household composition, immigrant and Aboriginal populations), education (e.g., high school completion), and economics (e.g., housing type, unemployment assistance).

My Health My Community Data

Health and lifestyle data from more than 33,000 Lower Mainland adults has been compiled into a range of resources to help local governments, community groups, and health agencies on planning decisions and policy development at a local level. These products include:

  • My Health My Community Atlas:  an interactive, publicly available web tool containing a wealth of population health information at the community level.
  • Community Profiles: provide population health information at a municipal level with regional comparisons. These products include analyses by age, gender, education, income, ethnicity and immigration. 
  • Neighbourhood Profiles:  now available for for Metro Vancouver residents.  Neighbourhood profiles were developed to share local-level survey results with community groups, health agencies, local governments and interested residents.  They can be used to assist with policy development, community and program planning.
  • Regional reports: provide in-depth analyses on key factors that influence population health across the region. For example, the Transportation and Health report examined associations between commuting and health across Metro Vancouver. New reports will be added periodically.

These products were developed with the provincial Healthy Families BC strategy in mind which is intended to support communities and local governments in prioritizing health actions in areas (e.g., lifestyle behaviours, built environment, key population segments, etc.) that will reduce chronic diseases and injuries.