Active Communities Grants for Local Governments in Island Health and Interior Health Regions

Active Communities grants will be available for local governments and their partners in the Island Health Authority and Interior Health Authority regions. Grants of up to $30,000 will be available to individual communities. Combined grants of up to $100,000 will be made available to communities that are working together for greater impact in their region.

The Active Communities grants will support innovative projects that work towards having a measurable impact on physical activity. Examples of initiatives the grants will support are:

  • Population level projects that address the underlying root causes of physical inactivity.
  • Projects that seek to remove barriers to physical activity for target populations or communities through improving access and inclusion, healthy community design, and/or healthy public policy. 

Steps to Learn More and Apply 

  1. Sign up below to be notified for the Call for Proposals and application materials - the full Active Communities Grant application guide will be available on May 10th, 2017.
  2. Proposals will be accepted between May 10 – June 30, 2017 (See detailed timeline below).
  3. Register here for Move it! Exploring Active Communities Innovations: A Virtual Forum taking place on May 17, 2017. (The forum is strongly encouraged for all grant applicants and their key partners in the Island Health and Interior Health Regions).

More Information

The Opportunity 

  • Grants up to $30,000 for individual communities
  • Combined grants of up to $100,000 for communities working together for region impact
  • Coaching grants valued at $5000 to support communities towards long-term measurable change on physical activity

Who is Eligible to Apply? 

The lead applicant must be a local government from the Island Health Authority and Interior Health Authority regions. The following local government organizations are eligible to apply:

  • Municipality
  • Regional District
  • First Nation Band
  • First Nation Tribal Council
  • Métis Chartered Community

Building active communities cannot be achieved by any one organization or sector working alone. All applicants must demonstrate existing cross-sector relationships for improving physical activity. At a minimum, this collaboration must include an existing partnership between the local government and the regional health authority, and involvement of community stakeholders such as local non-governmental organizations.


The purpose of the Active Communities Grants in the Island Health and Interior Health regions is to support local governments and their partners to:

1. ACT FOR IMPACT: Take upstream1 action to work towards measurable impact on physical activity, and improve opportunities for physical activity specifically through one or more of the following:

  • Improving access and/or inclusion for targeted populations or communities such as rural and remote communities, low-income families, children and youth, older adults and Aboriginal and First Nations peoples.
  • Healthy community design (e.g. integrating physical activity into the planning, engagement, and research of community design such as public parks, transportation networks, and public spaces)
  • Healthy public policy (e.g. integrating physical activity goals into an OCP, neighbourhood planning, or healthy community strategy development)

2. STRENGTHEN COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP ACROSS SECTORS: Strengthen multi-sector collaborations and shared leadership to increase physical activity, including partnerships between local governments, health authorities and other sectors to develop comprehensive strategies, integrated approaches and shared goals.

3. INNOVATE, EXPERIMENT & LEARN: Go beyond business as usual to work and take action together in new ways that address the underlying root causes of physical inactivity with a specific target population, community or region. Co-create active community ideas and solutions, test them out, evaluate, identify and share data and lessons learned. 

Detailed Timeline

Register for Notifications

The full Active Communities Grant application guide will be available on May 10th, 2017. Please register below to be notified when the full application guide is available.


Additional Supports for Communities 

Active Communities Learning Network Webinars 

Over the course of the grant cycle (August 2017 – October 2018) two other webinars will be offered to the successful grant communities on topics of interest related to Active Communities.

These webinars will be an opportunity for grant recipients to learn more about innovative approaches to increasing physical activity and share learnings across communities.

Active Communities Coaching Grants  

In order to support those communities or regions who are interested in utilizing their Active Communities grant and leveraging their project towards long-term measurable impact on physical activity, BC Healthy Communities is pleased to offer additional supports in the form of a coaching grant valued at $5000 for three grant recipients on Vancouver Island and three grant recipients in the Interior.

What is a Coaching grant?

Successful applicants that have been awarded a coaching grant will be matched with an experienced BC Healthy Communities coach to support them to accelerate their learning, strengthen collaboration, achieve greater impact on their Active Communities project, and ultimately work towards measurable change on physical activity in their community or region.

The focus of the coaching grant is to:

  • STRENGTHEN: Build stronger multi-sector collaborative tables around a particular issue or initiative resulting in increased trust, clarity and governance structures;
  • CLARIFY: Gain strategic clarity on the measurable impact collaboratives want to have and how they will work to achieve this;
  • ENHANCE IMPACT: Build the conditions (knowledge, skills, mindsets, and structures) needed to identify and act on root causes that influence systems change for active communities.

Prerequisites to Apply for a Coaching Grant

The coaching grant is specifically intended to support multi-sector collaboratives that are intending to begin long-term action that can affect significant impact on physical activity with measurable results.  Some examples of long-term collaborative approaches that coaching can support groups to get ready for or embark on are Collective
2 or Social Labs3.  Applicants must demonstrate:

  • A multi-sector project leadership team is in place or under development;
  • Desire to engage in a long term systems change process that can address the root issues of physical inactivity in the community or region;
  • A commitment to work together to grow the capacity of the collective to provide shared leadership over a longer period of time;
  • Commitment to work with a coach over the period of one year.

Move it! Exploring Active Communities Innovations: A Virtual Forum 

A web forum will be held on May 17th, 2017 as part of the Active Communities grant application process. The forum will assist applicants from the Island Health and Interior Health regions to better understand the issues around lack of physical activity and to inspire ideas for innovative ways to support communities in becoming more active. Register here for this event. For more information about the event, follow the link here.


The forum will include a series of informative webinars featuring a variety of engaging speakers focused on physical activity and building active communities. During the forum, participants will be have a platform for dialogue within and between communities. 

The purpose of the forum is to:

  • EXPLORE the role of local government and community partners in addressing physical activity through accessibility, inclusion, community design and public policy;
  • IDENTIFY how partners addressing physical activity can use collaboration and collective action to achieve greater impact;
  • DISCOVER and share innovative approaches to creating active communities and moving the needle on physical activity; and
  • SHARE dialogue and stories with members of your community and with active communities champions across the province.

Who Should Attend? 

The target audience for the forum is local governments, health authorities and community partners in the Island Health and Interior Health Regions.

We strongly encourage groups of stakeholders from all communities interested in applying for an active communities grant to attend the virtual forum.  Wherever possible, we encourage you to gather together in-person at a host site to participate in the forum with your community/project partners to engage in dialogue and idea generation.

How Do I Participate? 

Register here for the Active Communities Virtual Forum.

This forum is different from a typical webinar as communities can participate virtually by convening groups of participants at host sites in various locations across the Island Health and Interior Health regions.

Unlike a typical webinar, the forum will include a number of breakout dialogues, interactive activities and report backs from host sites throughout the day, so we highly encourage you wherever possible to attend at a group host site with your partners, collaborators and other initiatives from your community/region.

As you register for the forum you can indicate if you would like to be matched with a host site in your region / community if available. We will notify you if one is available. If there is no host site in your region / community, it is possible to participate in the virtual forum individually.

What is a Host Site and How do I find one? 

A host-site is an informal gathering place where people can convene to watch and listen to the virtual presentations together and participate in group discussion following each presentation. Guidance and support will be provided for the group discussion portion of the forum.

A host site could be a classroom, a public meeting room, or even someone’s living room; as long as there is an internet connection, a phone line (with speaker capability), and a screen big enough for a group to view the presentations.

How do I find a Host Site?

We are currently looking for host sites across Island Health and Interior Health regions. If you are interested in hosting an Active Communities Virtual Forum site in your community, please click here.

Responsibilities of the host include: 

  • Sending direct invitations to community colleagues to join you in person and participate together;
  • Securing a venue with internet and speakerphone capabilities, as well as a computer that can be connected to a large computer screen or projector. (Audio will be via telephone NOT through the online connection);
  • Providing host site details to the conference organizer to be shared online, including a contact email that would be made available to other registrants from your community/region who would like to participate at your site;
  • Providing a contact email that can be shared with registrants to your session who may have questions about the host site;
  • Ensuring there is a live “host” or facilitator present at the site to set up the room and equipment, welcome people, and facilitate the discussion time between sessions;
  • Participating in a preparatory teleconference to review logistics and to discuss questions regarding host site operation.

Please click here if you are able to provide a host site in your community for the May 17th event. 

More information about the Forum will be available in April 2017, including speakers, topics and host sites. For more information about this full day online forum or if you have questions, please contact Celeste Zimmer:


For more questions about the PlanH Active Communities Grants for Island Health and Interior Health regions please contact Gagan Leekha:

The PlanH Active Communities grants are for local governments within the Interior Health and Island Health regions. If you are you a local government outside of the PlanH Active Communities granting regions and want to find out about other active community grant opportunities in your area please read the deadlines and instructions on how to apply in each healthy authority region in this BC Government Feb. 17th news posting.


The following resources may be useful in developing ideas for your Active Communities grant submission: